IMG_4812 (2)“Providing the Highest Quality Early Childhood Education Possible”

Honey Tree Academy LLC is a small, private preschool, prekindergarten, and kindergarten academy.  This affords us the ability to offer personal, high quality services.  We foster individual relationships so that our students feel loved and secure in an environment that promotes structured choices, responsibility and respect.  All children have unique abilities and interests.  Our program encourages your child’s growth and development utilizing differentiated instruction.  This helps build a strong foundation, providing your child with the opportunity to get the most out of their early childhood experiences.

Our curriculum was created by an early childhood education specialist. We incorporate thematic activities that encourage exploration, investigation, problem solving, and discovery that will prepare your child for success in elementary school and beyond. We provide a standards based educational program.

Our Standards begin with the

Kansas State Standards for Kindergarten.

Higher grade level standards are utilized for differentiation based on individual student needs.

  • Language Arts and Mathematics
  • Computer Education with Smart Board Technology
  • Language Development with Spanish Enrichment
  • Social Development
  • Science, Social Studies, and Health
  • Fine and Gross Motor Development
  • Art and Music Education

Our Language Arts curriculum consists of a Book of the Week, which utilizes sets of literature books to motivate your child to learn their reading readiness skills, an adopted reading curriculum, and the Animated Literacy Program which teaches phonics through characters, songs, and actions.   We will be focusing on phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, writing composition, and learning to identify letters, sounds, and sight words.  This will be accomplished by focusing on one letter and diphthong blend each week.  Students who are ready then advance into readers that are on their appropriate grade level.

Our Mathematics curriculum allows for a “hands on” approach to math using Investigations, Math Every Day, manipulatives, and paper and pencil activities.  We will be learning how to problem solve and apply math to real life situations.  We will be focusing on learning number sense, identifying numbers, colors, shapes, patterns, counting, measuring, adding, and subtracting sets.

Our supplemental curriculums include Science, Social Studies, Health, Art, Music, Computer Education, Smart Board Technology, Physical Education, with fine and gross motor skill development, Social Development, and Language Development with a Spanish Enrichment program. The instructional models used to facilitate these concepts are whole group lessons, small group activities, cooperative learning groups, abilitiy groups, partner activities, academic centers, free choice centers, and outdoor activities. All curricular learning activities are integrated to provide more meaningful experiences for the students.

P.E., Art, & Music are all integrated into our curriculum as well. The students are all given the opportunity to explore standards through fine and gross motor skills, music and art exploration.

Academic / Childcare attitude
We feel that learning should be an enjoyable experience, so we do need rules in order to ensure that all children are taking responsibility and respecting the rights of others. We help children learn these skills by modeling appropriate behavior, and gently redirecting them when they are exhibiting inappropriate behavior. We also take a preventative approach by providing positive reinforcement and keeping the children actively engaged in hands on challenging activities.

Teaching Methods
View a sample lesson plan – AM
View a sample lesson plan – PM


“I love that they give individual attention and teaching at each kid’s
individual needs rather than ‘standardizing’ the class!” — 
Angela, parent